Mar. 12th, 2011

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  • 00:38:09: hey guess what! I submitted something to DA!! This one is Grell fanart~~
  • 00:56:51: RT @MuffinBurgler: Ah hell yuh, Road to El Dorado time.
  • 00:57:16: @MuffinBurgler Great idea... *been watching Black Butler all day, should change it up*
  • 01:08:37: *insert obligatory lampshading of Hans Zimmer's music* #RoadtoElDorado
  • 01:35:04: I hardly think I'm qualified, to come across all sanctified... #RoadtoElDorado
  • 01:38:00: BTW, anyone have any idea what time #iPad2 sales start online? Is it the same 5:00 as the stores? Is that local time (Eastern) or Pacific?
  • 01:40:52: I've started blathering, I should go to sleep soon. But I can't...
  • 07:27:51: RT @darrenshan: I'm hoping that the luck of the vampires is with everyone I know in Japan, along with all of my Japanese fans and their ...
  • 08:19:22: News is depressing all around... no money to donate to helpful people, so I'll figure out some other way to help...
  • 08:20:28: Also, I'll refrain from tweeting a lot about the Black Butler ep I'm watching, because that would just be rude right now...
  • 08:21:09: RT @Swoopy: iPad2 lust quelled by heartbreak in Japan. The only tech worth talking about today saved people's lives. #humanist
  • 08:21:11: RT @aparanjape: RT @daveewing: The headline you won't read: "Millions saved in Japan by good engineering and government building codes". ...
  • 08:21:41: RT @ShelterBox: We're monitoring the #earthquake and #tsunami as the situation develops. One of our Response Team is being mobilised htt ...
  • 08:26:57: @PikaHikariKT yeah, I know that feeling... for me it's more, feeling frustrated because no money to donate...
  • 12:17:47: RT @GeorgeTakei: Today we are all Japanese. Give $10 to help. Text REDCROSS to 90999, or click Pls RT!
  • 12:34:31: I donated as much as I could!! #nameoftheshelterbox
  • 12:54:52: RT @ANN_Ed: All of ANN's staff in Japan is okay (although one person has damage to their home).
  • 12:55:45: @ANN_Ed Know any information about mangaka, seiyuu, etc.? Google Person Finder said Kishimoto was okay, but that's all I could find...
  • 13:05:58: @PikaHikariKT anime Boston? Awesome! I'm going there too!
  • 13:29:30: @scottmccloud Shelterbox?
  • 13:30:02: @scottmccloud US site.
  • 13:30:43: @scottmccloud Oh wait, not text... sorry.
  • 13:49:18: RT @maureenjohnson: Blog Post: SHELTERBOX IN JAPAN
  • 14:05:49: RT @lilithsaintcrow: RT @TimeOutTokyo: Emergency numbers and a full list of public shelters in Tokyo. Please RT and help out all you can ...
  • 16:21:25: RT @DJDROC: I'm donating $1 to @RedCross for every RT this gets today for the people in Japan #tsunami #prayforjapan
  • 16:26:02: RT @Anime: News: #Anime/#Manga/Game Industry Members Check In After Quake • Creators, singers, translators, others report via soci..http ...
  • 18:43:46: RT @katelinnea: Wow! We have now raised over $5000. Can we double that by 5am Sunday? #nameoftheshelterbox @maureenjohnson @shelterboxus
  • 23:04:25: RT @shackett: I will donate $1 to for every person who retweets this message #japan #prayforjapan #tsunami Text Red Cross 90999

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