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First post on the new journal!


I've posted several introductions in random places before, so if you found this journal, you probably saw one of those. There's information on my profile about me, if you want to look there. 

I'll post a lot more in this journal than I ever did in journals before. I need a new online community, since I don't really have one. So I'm hoping I can find something to be a part of on here!

Today's Issue that I'm dealing with:

I want to study abroad in Tokyo. The program I want to go to is a language intensive program, and the language is what I want to learn. I've taken Japanese for a few years in high school and all of my time so far in college. It's what I want to do. I want to be a writer, but I also want to get a job translating or interpreting between English and Japanese, hopefully in some position related to anime, manga or, ideally, light novels, which are underrepresented in the US market compared to their actual importance in the anime world. So I want to become fluent in Japanese, and do something with translation or interpretation.

The issue is that my school doesn't have a major in just the Japanese language, and I'll have to do all the courses for a major as well, if I want to graduate from here. I'm not sure if I'll be able to. But I'll figure something else. I'm looking at Humanities-Classics as a possibility. I love Classical stuff (Ancient Greece and Rome), the history, art, literature, mythology, etc., in addition to Japanese stuff. I'll try to see if I can do a Humanities major with a focus split between the two...

Anyway, I talk a lot about anime... but I do have a few non-anime obsessions. #1 right now is Glee. I saw the preview for the second season recently and I am so excited! #2 is probably Disney movies. #3 I guess is Scott Pilgrim, which was higher on the list this summer when I was reading the books, and I saw the movie twice. It'll probably get back up higher when the movie comes out on DVD and I'll be watching it multiple times every day.

So... I guess that's it for now... I guess I maybe should talk about my writing project... or not? I don't know. If I do, I'll do it later.
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  • 20:52:14: Hey! New twitter account, wanted to use my newer online name. ^_^ Hi~!
  • 21:17:32: Watching Haruhi Suzumiya in anime club. It never gets old. @CrispinFreeman is so awesome in this show. Perfect Deadpan Snarker.
  • 21:19:12: Also, the whole thing with Asakura in ep. 4... the animation is awesome. That never gets old either.
  • 22:06:21: ...DVDs should not skip the first time you watch them. (We're watching Moribito now)
  • 22:09:15: I love how @johnnyyongbosch 's characters in both shows appeared for the first time in tonight's episodes. ^_^ <3

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