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  • 00:04:04: "Sebastian... you did it!" "No, my lord, the other butler did it." #BlackButler (ep. 5)
  • 00:04:39: I should stop tweeting about Black Butler, I think. People are probably sick of it. Not that anyone reads my twitter anyway...
  • 00:10:54: . . . deadly efficient? <3 #BlackButler
  • 15:49:41: Just laughing at the fangirls on Youtube calling Sebastian "angelic". #BlackButler
  • 15:50:33: That was in comments for the musical, though, so they were more referring to Yuya Matsushita than Sebastian, I think. #BlackButler
  • 18:32:48: Win fantastic prizes by donating a drop of blood - Darren Shan's Ocean of Blood out now -
  • 19:10:25: I'm almost at 800 tweets. My 800th has to be about Grell. Because I said so, that's why. ^_^
  • 19:13:52: Also: Quoting #ScottPilgrim while watching #ScottPilgrim. Awesome x Awesome? I think so.
  • 21:04:09: GagaHBO opening is pretty cool~
  • 21:19:45: by @deathtomato, twice as awesome as my Grell pic, has half the +favs. Fix this.
  • 21:32:21: All that "have confidence" stuff is easy enough to say once you've made it. Just sayin'.
  • 21:35:39: Also, who else could I be drawing now but Grell? As far as I'm concerned, Boys Boys Boys by Lady Gaga is Grell's theme song (on GagaHBO now)

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