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  • 00:27:24: Underwhelmed. @deathtomato I think it was because a certain person was... involed, and not a certain... other person, IYKWIM.
  • 00:28:43: Meanwhile, Mamma Mia is trending... I love that movie. ^_^ Also, Involved. I meant to say, Involved. #fyoutypo
  • 00:32:51: Or maybe I'm just too tired right now... No, I think it's... yeah. Not gonna give any details. @deathtomato knows what I mean.
  • 00:35:44: Isn't this... not the first time Amazon has done something like this?
  • 00:36:42: +++ I haven't tweeted about #BlackButler in a while. *hugs Grell plushie and checks to see which disc is in the player*
  • 00:38:38: Speaking of which, I need to draw some more Grell. Oh hey, it's disc 3~~ Ep. 17, yay.
  • 00:39:40: Seen this 20 million times, it's still more exciting than anything else. ^_^ #BlackButler episode 17 (with Grell and Undertaker)
  • 00:43:41: @jakkisaur Oh hey, context, I totally missed that and just saw the WOOOOO one.
  • 00:47:52: Ash, you're... interesting. #BlackButler. Also, I noticed something...
  • 00:48:40: Notice how every time there's a butler other than Sebastian, that's who did (whatever it is)? #BlackButler
  • 00:49:26: Grell, Drocell, Agni, and Ash... yeah. #BlackButler and whenever Grell isn't there, Ciel thinks he will be... #overattentive
  • 00:49:57: Ciel: "I'm growing weary of the occult" Too bad, we aren't! #BlackButler
  • 00:50:52: HI GRELL!! #Happy #OhSoHappy #TooHappy #BlackButler
  • 00:51:51: *Mimics Grell's motions to prepare for epic cosplay fun times* #BlackButler
  • 00:55:56: YEAARGH AN UNCLEAN ONE TOUCHED ME~!! #BlackButler . . . *snuggles plushie of said unclean one*
  • 00:56:35: Oh hey, it's the nun. Yeah, that nun. *bang* *bang* *bang* #BlackButler
  • 00:57:15: And no, a midnight #BlackButler marathon is never wrong.
  • 00:57:21: RT @deathtomato: @FiammettaRey "WAAAAAH HE'S MAKING ME IMPUUUURE~" By stealing your clothes and looking way better than you in them? Yes.
  • 00:58:44: And Grell is taking cuddles when he can get them (i.e. while Bassie is distracted). #BlackButler
  • 00:58:52: RT @deathtomato: @FiammettaRey Come to think of it that seems to be a running theme with the Queen of Fruits...
  • 01:00:13: YES. The sooner Alois and Claude are announced, the sooner we get THAT EPISODE!! Can. Not. Wait. #BlackButler @deathtomato
  • 01:01:39: Sebastian is really using that bishie sparkle... not that I mind... #BlackButler
  • 01:06:53: Crap! distracted by Twitter, missed EPIC WINDOW JUMP~ had to rewind. back to it now.
  • 01:07:55: "Yes, my young lord", Sebastian and Grell JUMP THROUGH THE WINDOW all epic and stuff... #BlackButler
  • 01:08:53: and knife that guy in the face!! ++ Yay, teamwork!! #BlackButler
  • 01:12:46: I also love how the second OP features more characters than just Sebastian and Ciel. I get that showing Grell on eps 1-5... #BlackButler
  • 01:13:38: ...would have been a spoiler, but it's still nice. Also, Grell, Undie, the trio... all so much <3. #BlackButler
  • 01:15:29: I'm still beyond excited for the English ver. of the Mangosteen episode. OMG, that will be so epic. #BlackButler
  • 01:18:22: @PikaHikariKT Eric Vale should play Ronald.
  • 01:18:53: @PikaHikariKT Also for the lulz, Brina should be Stocking in PSG and Panty's voice should be Alois, whoever that ends up being.
  • 01:23:27: Oh yay, the part with Undie~~!! I love this so much~~!! #BlackButler episode 18.
  • 01:27:15: Ohhh mmyyyy goodddddddd fangirl moment times ten thousand hundred billion I can barely type omg
  • 01:29:22: because of THIS. And I fail because I don't have a #BlackButler icon on there!!
  • 01:32:34: Also everyone should read @Gailcarriger 's books, they're amazingly awesome and she put a #BlackButler picture on her LJ OMG~!!
  • 01:33:39: Also they're making a manga of @GailCarriger 's books. That promises the be up there with @yenpress 's other things...
  • 01:34:18: ... like #SoulEater, #BlackButler, the Cirque du Freak manga, etc. in terms of PURE AWESOME OMG!!
  • 01:36:02: And all that awesome, I almost forgot to tweet about Undie's pink bookmark~<3 and I'm going to bed now. goodnight.
  • 09:12:38: Win fantastic prizes by donating a drop of blood - Darren Shan's Ocean of Blood out now -
  • 09:21:58: Not much going on online... think I'll finish this book...
  • 10:12:17: Finished the book I was reading. 2 more in the series, 2 other books I need to finish before I let myself read those. . .
  • 10:45:40: There is a lot of confusing Black Butler merchandise out there... like the stuff with Sebastian in a cow costume.
  • 14:56:41: RT @PikaHikariKT: Here's the Lina-as-MLP pic, guys:

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