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  • 11:32:52: RT @maureenjohnson: So, you have FIVE DAYS left to download your FREE 13 Little Blue Envelopes. Here is the link: AL ...
  • 11:33:54: @JustRojas I'll be at #AnimeBoston!! Can't wait to see what awesome stuff FUNi's doing!!
  • 13:09:30: Really frustrating not being able to move forward until people respond to questions, and they're not doing so...
  • 15:45:25: Heheh... Johnny #EdenoftheEast
  • 17:35:45: I should be... packing for AB~~ I'm mostly done with that, though, so I'm sitting here watching Eden of the East... <3
  • 19:28:59:
  • 19:40:24: Finshing up cosplay for #AnimeBoston. So exicted!! I can't wait~~!!
  • 19:42:58: @PikaHikariKT I'm planning on going! That sounds cool!! I won't be in cosplay on Sunday, but I'll be around. ^_^
  • 19:45:22: @PikaHikariKT Probably wearing This tshirt. Grell keychain on my bag.
  • 19:50:29: I HAVE NYANED FOR 1111 SECONDS! via @nyannyancat
  • 21:21:32: RT @GregAyres: Is pretty excited that he'll be able to talk about a new show this weekend at Anime Boston !!!!
  • 21:23:04: That last retweet... it makes me happy~~!! Can't wait to find out what it is!! @GregAyres is involved so it must be awesome. #AnimeBoston
  • 22:03:21: @tristencitrine Awesome!! So pretty~~ Can't wait to see you at #AnimeBoston !!
  • 22:24:33: @tristencitrine OMG that looks awesome!! So pretty and purple~~ ^_^

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