Apr. 2nd, 2011

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  • 11:11:29: RT @PikaHikariKT: Excalibur~ Excalibur~ http://youtu.be/uNPvUmQ56t0 (fuck, song's in my head again)
  • 11:13:12: @PikaHikariKT http://t.co/oyQD6dp Excalibur~~~~
  • 11:14:09: I had a dream that it was Saturday night of Anime Boston, and I hadn't done anything yet, including getting in like for the masquerade...
  • 11:14:53: Or getting autographs or anything... Thankfully, that was a dream. ^_^;
  • 15:10:42: RT @justlie: #scriptfrenzy Two grim reapers and a ghost trek around the country to avoid Death Inc. and its lethal league of llama opera ...
  • 20:52:39: Falling apart.
  • 22:11:33: The murderer's distinctive style of killing has earned him a unique nickname from the press; Jack the Ripper. (♥) #BlackButler
  • 22:13:21: Undertaker makes everything better~~<3 #BlackButler
  • 22:19:53: #BlackButler manages to still be funny even when I've watched it enough to have it pretty much memorized.
  • 22:31:58: Hey guess what?? Chainsaw!! #BlackButler

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fiammetta: Kinris holding a sword, in front of a castle.  (Default)
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