Mar. 18th, 2011

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  • 00:17:12: RT @timpratt: Oh, The Nex is now available for 99 cents at the B&N store too, for you nook users:
  • 12:32:54: RT @japansociety: USA Today: U.S. Donations Not Rushing to #Japan
  • 14:29:43: Back to watching stuff on the Netflix Wii app. So much anime there~~!! Gonna start with Shikabane Hime.
  • 15:04:23: Or not. ... To Kuro or not to Kuro? . . . I vote Kuro. #BlackButler
  • 15:20:56: Also, May, July, October, January: the dates that have been set for the remainder of the Cirque du Freak manga volumes (from @yenpress)
  • 15:22:48: Found those while checking to see how long I'll have to wait for more #BlackButler manga. Answer: too long. Still not going to read online.
  • 15:24:42: I KNOW there are reasons for the wait, still not fun to read everyone's excitement over the latest and know it'll be another year at least.
  • 15:29:36: And I'm still wasting time... was going to draw some #BlackButler fanart while that episode was on... *rewatches it* (it's ep. 4 btw)
  • 15:32:12: #BlackButler Episode 4 - His Butler, Capricious, on Netflix for Wii. (via @GetGlue) #BlackButler
  • 18:02:33: I have 3 completed linearts to color (one is #blackbutler fanart~~).
  • 23:20:53: RT @variancefilms: A reminder donating is awesome, but check what % goes to overhead vs actual action. Oxfam and Docs W/O Borders signif ...
  • 23:21:52: RT @literaticat: RT @cakewrecks: Yes. Do this. RT @Regretsy Stop this [art] thief, close down this store. REPOST PLEASE

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