Mar. 5th, 2011

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  • 12:27:27: Watching Negima!?, this show is so cute.
  • 14:03:19: @FUNimation I don't only because I don't have the devices needed for it.
  • 15:23:34: Anyone know how to find good, active communities on sites like LJ, and DA, etc...?
  • 19:01:34: @PikaHikariKT Where is this Pretear review? I love that show...
  • 19:04:05: I am this close to imploding over my inability to watch Madoka Magica. Seriously.
  • 19:04:23: @PikaHikariKT Thanks!
  • 19:10:04: Watching this Pretear review... Sasame reminds me of a character from another thing. The soft, sensitive guy who ends up... yeah, that. ^_^
  • 19:13:54: @PikaHikariKT This guy doesn't like magical girl shows. That makes me sad... Gonna go see what he thinks of Princess Tutu...
  • 19:18:03: @PikaHikariKT I see that. *smirks* Princess Tutu is just awesome. I heard people who think it's too girly still like it/call it GuitarNinjas
  • 19:20:24: @PikaHikariKT Fakir does act like an angry seme... for like, the entire first half... but I still love him.
  • 23:39:11: Fuwa-fuwa ga tomaranai no desu~!!

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fiammetta: Kinris holding a sword, in front of a castle.  (Default)
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